Earth Jagua Temporary Tattoo Decisions

I've always wanted a tat because they just look so damn awesome but I could never make a decision on what design I'd want to get. Plus the fact that I don't do well with long term decisions, and would probably get bored of the design within a year, I didn't want to get an actual tattoo.

However, recently, I got the chance to experiment with the Earth Jagua kit produced by Lakaye studio. I was so excited to try it as it's suppose to last 10 to 14 days! The kit came with everything that you needed, including stencils of designs if you're not feeling like freehanding your own design.

I chose to do a stencil transfer, one of a spider that made me feel dangerous and a bit of a bad girl. The process was easy, following the instructions included in the kit and mix the Jagua paste for your ink. Then, using the oil provided, you can transfer a light print of the stencil drawing onto your skin, then all you have to do was trace the print with the actual ink! Once dried, I couldn't wait to wash the paste off and see how the ink had stained and if it really looked like a real tat!

I have to say, this kit didn't let me down at all, the design came out great and looked amazing! It also lasted for around 12 days for me, and I barely used any of the ink that was provided in the kit.

Body adornment is so on trend right now, and for those of you who are like me and want a tat but can't deal with long term decisions, their kits are for you! They offer two different kinds of kits, one with superior quality henna from the fields of Morocco and one with black Jagua. Also, for every kit purchased, Lakaye donates part of the proceeds to help the Jagua and henna farmers with their day-to-day needs.

For more info or to purchase their kits, check out their homepage here or follow them on Instagram! Until next time!




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